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  • In 2014, various countries will be running national level auditions to determine representatives for the Regional Final. In the Final Competition in Asia-Pacific, the Steinway regional finals hosted by Steinway Gallery Singapore involving finalists from 9 nations including South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand. The winner will be nominated to attend the International Final Competition in Hamburg Germany.
  • If for any reason the regional winner is ill or unable to travel to Germany, the 2nd Prize winner may, at the discretion of the regional jury panel, be awarded the fully sponsored trip to Hamburg instead which will be took place on September 2014.


  • The competition will be hosted in 3 regions: The North, Central and South of Vietnam.
  • The competition is open to all Vietnamese residents between 10 and 17 years olds.
  • Age Categories:
  • Group 1(Talent Kid): Between 6 and 10.
  • This is the group for competitors age from 6 to 10, competitors in group 1 will have the opportunity to compete and try. The Jury will select the best candidates based in the region, participating regional finals in 2014 Steinway International Youth Competition for talented kids from 06 to 10 years old.
  • Group 2: Between 11 and 17.
  • This is the group for competitor’s age from 11 to 17, competitors in group 2 will have the opportunity to compete and try their best. The Jury will select the best candidates based in the region to compete in the national final Steinway Youth Piano Competition for competitors’ age from 11 to 17 in HCM City. Candidates in this group will have the opportunity to participate in the regional final in Asia - Pacific in Singapore and the international final Steinway Festival in Europe.
  • Candidates in group 1 (Talent Kid) can also participate in group 2.
  • Candidates must participate in the qualifying round in the country where they are citizens or permanent residents, so the organizers require contestants must provide proof of citizenship or permanent residence include: a copy of birth certificate (do not need to be authentication) or National ID Card (if applicable).


  • All candidates must submit registration documents including VCD/DVD recorded the video and sound performed the songs by themselves, Registration Form and copy of Birth Certificate or National ID card (if applicable). Candidates can submit the registration documents to any companies which are authorized by Viet Thuong Corporation in the local area. The Jury will evaluate each area to select the best candidates.
  • Application Form: Receive directly at Viet Thuong authorized Companies in local areas or download from
  • Registration Time (Qualification Round): Deadline 20/02/2014 (postmarked counted from the date sent).
  • Announce the Candidates participating in the Local Final: 28/2/2014
  • Local Final: 20-22-24/03/2014
  • Announce the Candidates participating in the National Final: 30/03/2014
  • National Final: 20/04/2014
  • List of Qualified Candidates will be notified and announced on the website:


  • Styles: Participants must present in Classic, the others such as Pop, Jazz, New Age, Blues, etc. are not allowed.
  • Participants must present 3 contrasting selections totaling a maximum playing time of 20 minutes.
  • Repertoire must include the first movement of a Sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Clementi or Schubert.
  • Free Choice Pieces: Contestants can select two favorite classical pieces. They should be different from genres, styles and the second one must be different from the style of the first (mandatory).
  • All pertinent program details (Composer, Work, Key, Opus, Number, Hoboken-Verzeichnis, K designations) for each movement of the work intended for performance must be listed.
  • No concerti or transcriptions are allowed.
  • Note:
  • The Examiner will use "time machine" and stop the performance of the contestants which is 20 minutes. We suggests that the teacher and contestants need to pay careful attention to the duration of the submission.
  • All entries in the national qualifying performances need to be performed again without changes in the regional finals in Singapore and international final in Hamburg. Any candidate who cannot comply this regulation will be automatically disqualified.
  • All works must be performed by memorized.
  • All works are acoustic piano solo, with clear sound and image and without audio processing or the intervention of electronic engineering.
  • All works must not use rhythms and other supporting instruments.
  • The works will not be returned after the competition.


  • The Singapore Steinway Youth Piano Competition is only opened to all Vietnamese Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 17 and below.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to produce, broadcast, disseminate, and publish the audio and video images taken at any time during the competition. No fee shall be payable. The copyrights for all the material created, produced or obtained during the competition shall be the property of the organizers.
  • Contestants are required to provide correct and accurate information in the application form.
  • At the National Final held in Ho Chi Minh City, the qualified contestants in the Northern and Central regions will be funded by Viet Thuong Co., Ltd (including the cost of return air ticket and hotel expenses). Candidates must bear other expenses in case of go along with families.
  • At the Regional Final held in Singapore, the winner who is representative of Vietnam will be funded by Viet Thuong Co., Ltd (including the cost of return air ticket and hotel expenses). Candidates must bear other expenses in case of go along with families.
  • All decisions of the Jury are final.

All contestants must adhere to the rules of the competition. In addition, the candidate does not comply with these rules will be disqualified from the competition.


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